Visual Studio Team System – Test Edition


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Continuing with my earlier posts I would like to write about two more tests available in visual studio

Ordered Tests

Web Tests

In previous post we saw various aspects of unit test and related features.

One of the key things to understand is while running the unit tests deployed for project in ordered manner is very important. This is required for building a scenario by running tests in specific sequence or this ordering might be important from a view that we have to run unit tests specific to certain section of our program.

How to Run Ordered Tests gives detailed insight on aspects related to ordered tests. This option for ordered test is available in developer edition as well as test edition.

Another important aspect related to testing of web based applications is web tests provided in visual studio test edition.

With help of web tests we can record various actions taken by user related to web application. This recorded actions include http request and responses, request status code time required for these requests.

Web Test Engine takes care of lots of things such as Extraction rules, validation rules, authentication, handling of cookies etc.

In addition to this features web tests can be connected to data sources like .csv files or excel files using the database providers so that post parameters covered in the recording can be connected to data for making these tests data driven.

Web tests play specific role to identify what changes have been made to UI or it can be used as a effective script tool which can easily populate the system to be deployed on client.

Two most important resources on web tests are

Amit Chatterjee’s Blog – A must read page for web tests

Working with web tests – MSDN page for web tests.

I hope this sounds interesting and useful to all of you.

Keep coming, keep reading ..


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